Del Shields, a true cowboy, is a western music recording artist, cowboy poet, and featured entertainer and co-host of Best of America by Horseback on RFD-TV.
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He has traveled from coast to coast, entertaining various audiences across this great country.

Del is a member of the Academy of Western Artists and the Western Music Association. He has recorded four albums, half of which contain his original music. Del had a single that reached number two and two albums that reached number nine!

He has been highlighted in numerous publications, including Cascade Horse Magazine and Trail Rider Magazine.

Del has also shared the privelege of entertaining the troops at Fort Riley in Kansas before they were deployed to Iraq.

Del Shields’ Western World Radio Show
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Del's newest album, Wanted, is in stores now and available for purchase directly from this website! Click here to order.

Read more about Del Shields in his bio or visit his Facebook fan page.
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Del Shields

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